Customer Comments

Would go every year if I could. This will be trip number 6 or so. Wonderful day out on the water and no civilization.


Susan W.

Prior to the trip we talked to a woman there at Beamers on the telephone several times in making the arrangements for the trip. She was absolutely outstanding. She was friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful.


As we boarded the boat and headed up the river we found that everyone with whom we came into contact with from Beamers was exactly the same way.


The facilities along the way were far above our expectations and the people who were there as hosts ere always very pleasant. The food and beverages were also far above our expectations, both in quantity and quality.


We were able to see many different species of waterfowl, deer with fawns, bear, bighorn sheep (both large rams with nearly full curl and ewes with lambs). We were even able to see a large sturgeon being handled by men working with the department of fish and wildlife. This was all in addition to the spectacular scenery, and the weather was beautiful!


Nick and Susie Eddy, Naches, WA

Our group was most excited about our 4 days with the Beamer Crew. The Captain and first mate were just the best crew you could ask for. The food was some of the best home style cooking we have had.”


– Gary W. Webster-President/CEO Greater Yakima Chamber.

It was a real vacation. The lodge was great, and the food was so good. Everyone was so kind and friendly. In fact the mail man let me take the mail up to one house in the Snake River Canyon and of course all of them were taking pictures.


– Elizabeth Mitchell, Vale, OR.

It’s an awesome trip with glimpses into Idaho history, geology & wildlife. A definite bucket list trip.


– Gary H.