US Mail Tour


Every week of the year a tradition is relived when the U.S. Mail is delivered by boat to the handful of year round residents that reside in Hells Canyon. The first river route mail contract, according to U.S. Postal records, was awarded to Press Brewrink in 1919. Over the years the mail contract was bought and sold by half a dozen hearty individuals whose priority was to deliver, come rain, or sleet, snow, or high water. One of the most colorful individuals to handle this contract was Kyle McGrady. Through the 1940’s he delivered mail and supplies to roughly 350 people on the 99 mile route. A round trip tourist fare from Lewiston in 1942 was $5.00 and passengers were expected to bring their own bedroll and food. Kyle knew that radio transmission was essentially impossible in rugged Hells Canyon. He would carry half dozen homing pigeons to do the job of communicating for him. Florence McGrady Kyle’s wife received messages in Lewiston from these Pigeons. One she chose to keep near and dear to her heart simply read “Happy Birthday”. While Kyle was busy delivering and collecting mail and selling postal supplies, Florence would shop for groceries and other essentials and even mend blue denims for the lonely ranchers and hermits of Hells Canyon. This is just one of the stories uniquely narrated by your tour captain. There is much to see and learn on your journey.

Steelhead Mail Tour






200 mile round trip tour departs every Wednesday year-round for a two-day one-night adventure. Departure times and locations vary by season.

Seasonal $490.00

From November through February combine the Mail Run with a chance to try your hand at some of the hottest steelhead fishing spots around. 8:00AM Departure from Heller Bar Lodge.

Seasonal $559.00

Gear and tackle are included.

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